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Acidic orange streaks are not a pretty sight on your property. Rust can build up on fences, concrete, pavers, or decks.

When iron and moisture come into contact with each other, it causes a chemical reaction that creates rust. It does not matter if the moisture is from water or the air; the result is still reddish-brown or orange-brown discoloration on your property.

Oleyn’s works hard to safely and effectively remove any rust that has developed on your property. We use a special cleaning formula that removes the buildup from the affected surface, neutralizes it, and dissipates the rust. Our process does not involve the use of any harmful acids, guaranteeing it will not eat away at your surfaces.

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Professionally removing rust makes your surfaces it was on more durable and safer to come into contact with.

Maintaining your property also means maintaining your curb appeal. Removing rust from your deck, driveway and other surfaces is a great way to make sure your property value isn’t diminishing. It also gives your surfaces a longer service life, as the acidic nature of rust typically eats away at whatever it is on.

Rust can contain hazardous properties and can get on your clothes or skin. It is a health risk that should not be overlooked. Removing your rust not only makes your property safer, it puts you in a safer environment too. 

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The issues with rust that sits on your property are plentiful and should not be taken lightly. It is best to remove rust as soon as it develops.

Orange stains can easily get on your clothes or skin, and are very difficult to get out. Rust also breeds bacteria that can cause tetanus if it breaks the skin. While rust isn’t inherently considered a health risk, the fact remains it can cause numerous health complications if left on your surfaces.

It is also just plain ugly to look at. Rust is unattractive and can really damage your curb appeal. Visitors may judge you or think your home is unsafe if you do not take care of rust on your patio or other surfaces.

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