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Cleaning your pavers is helpful when it comes to prolonging the life of your surfaces, but sometimes that isn’t enough. That is why we perform sealing after we clean your pavers.

Properly sealing your pavers is a highly recommended approach to protecting and improving their condition. It prevents against dirt, mold and other forms of bacteria by improving the durability of your pavers.

If you have a walkway, brick patio, travertine, marble, or any other pavers; we can seal them and give them that extra level of protection. Let us give your pavers a glossy or natural sheen that will stand out and impress your guests.

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Sealing your pavers protects them and looks nice, but what else does it do? What about safety?

When your pavers are properly sealed, it actually makes them significantly safer. The extra protection from the elements provides slip resistance; decreasing the chances of a fall. When hazardous materials accumulate, they create oily spots that increase the chances of a fall occurring. Cleaning your pavers removes these substances, and sealing your pavers prevents them from building up again.

That glossy or natural look is also not a short-lived feature. Proper sealing creates a clean, fresh look that is built to last. Seeing is believing, and you will immediately see the difference.

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If you let dirt and mildew sit on your pavers for too long, they can do irreparable damage to your property.

When it comes to dirty pavers, time is not your ally. Dirty surfaces will get worse and do more damage if left unwashed. The hazardous materials cause your pavers to decay; making them less durable and more likely to need to be prematurely replaced. This can be quite costly.

Dirty pavers also lower your curb appeal. The black streaks look unappealing and can even effect your pavers’ natural color. If left unattended, your pavers will look dull and worn out underneath the filth.

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