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Most companies use a high pressure washing system that puts your home at risk of being damaged. We stick with a safer alternative.

Here at Oleyn’s Pressure Washing, we utilize a low pressure house washing system that gives you the same results, but without the risk of property damage. With many other companies, you run the risk of dealing with broken window seals, damaged landscaping, cracked siding, or other types of damage to your exterior.

We don’t leave anything to chance. We apply biodegradable, non-toxic detergents by using a specially designed foam gun. Then, we brush the surface to break down stains and grime. Finally we rinse, which results in fresh, clean paintwork. With our pressure washing system, you will experience cleaner siding and a healthier atmosphere without the risk of other companies. Make sure you are in good hands, and let us treat your house like our own.

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With our pressure washing tactics, you will experience numerous benefits that are smart, cost-effective and visually appealing.

The results of having your house professionally power washed are plentiful. The improvement in appearance will increase your curb appeal. A cleaner house is worth more; as well as healthier to live in.

Dirty streaks and bacteria eat away at the paint on your house and weaken your siding. By having your house pressure washed, you are improving the quality and condition of your panels. This will extend the life expectancy of your siding and result in saving you money.

Why Choose Oleyn's ?

Your Property Protected

We use a low pressure process to avoid damaging plants and property.

5-Star Reputation

Over 130 5-star reviews on Google ensure our quality and care.

We Care

We always take extra time to ensure a job is done well and done safely.

Rinse & Cover

Exterior outlets are covered and landscaping is always rinsed.


We invest in training that other contractors just don't have.

Safe & Protected

Safety is #1. All professionals are trained with safety first.

When your house has dirt and filth sit on it for extended periods of time, it reduces the lifetime of your siding and diminishes its’ appearance.

A dirty home can give off the impression you do not care about cleanliness. Negative first impressions can be hard to overcome.  When you have guests over, make sure they see a clean and healthy environment.

Not to mention the health risks that come with living in a home surrounded by dirt, mold, mildew and other forms of bacteria. These hazardous materials diminish the appearance of your home and effect the air you breath by living in it.

An apartment complex building before and after having the roof professionally soft washed

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