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An Oleyn's service technician washing a concrete walkway
Two Oleyn's service employees taking a ladder off the Oleyn's service vehicle

Concrete can really take a beating. The weather elements, plus the constant impact from feet and vehicles, can take a gradual toll. That is why it must be properly taken care of.

Concrete is pretty durable, but does need to be cleaned from time to time. Simply blasting your driveway or walkway with a hose will not remove all of the contaminants that have accumulated over time.

Our professionally trained service technicians treat your concrete with the best eco-friendly products available. Using both Pre and Post treatments, we get your concrete prepared for service cleaning, and ready for future impact after being cleaned.

A concrete surface with rust accumulation, and the same surface after having the rust removed

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A filthy, soot-covered fire pit and the results after being professionally cleaned

There is concrete evidence of all the benefits you will witness when you have your concrete professionally cleaned and serviced.

Concrete that has been professionally washed can really set your house apart from the rest of the block. Since your driveway and walkway will be one of the first things visitors see, they can make a strong first impression. A driveway that looks practically new can be a major selling point and really improve your property’s value.

Not only will your concrete look better; it will be more durable too. Removing the hazardous contaminants eating away at your surfaces, and performing preventative maintenance for the future, can extend the life of your concrete for years.

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We use a low pressure process to avoid damaging plants and property.

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We invest in training that other contractors just don't have.

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Safety is #1. All professionals are trained with safety first.

Neglecting your concrete surfaces can cause rapid decay, cracks in the foundation, and the need for costly repairs.

Dirty surfaces tend to become oily and slippery. These unwanted oils can be really dangerous. When bacteria, weeds, mildew and other unwanted substances build up, it increases the likelihood of suffering a fall.

These materials also eat away at your concrete. They can cause color to fade, black streaks to appear, or cracks to develop over time. The longer this hazardous accumulation sits, the worse condition your concrete will be in.

A rust-covered walkway that is completely discolored, and an image of the walkway after being serviced

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