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Here at Oleyn’s Pressure Washing, we restore your roof to a cleaner, more durable condition.

Roof cleaning is a delicate process that requires a gentle touch. The goal is to remove any bacteria and unsightly buildup that has gradually accumulated over time. That is why we have perfected the soft washing process to make sure all of that grime is safely removed from your roof.

Using the most effective and environmentally friendly products, we safely clean your roof and restore it to a healthy state. This process restores naturally beautiful color to your roof, bringing out the finer features of the rest of your house. By eliminating the hazardous buildup, your roof will be stronger than ever and ready to take on whatever nature has in store.

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There are many benefits to having your roof professionally cleaned.

Roof washing does so much more than simply make your roof look cleaner. When dirt, mold and bacteria sit on your roof, they eat away at it. This speeds up the rate of decay and can lead to costly repairs much sooner than expected. By regularly having your roof soft washed, you can preserve the foundation of your roof for many years to come.

You can also drastically improve your property value. Passersby will notice the improved quality of your roof, immediately boosting your curb appeal. A clean roof is both aesthetically pleasing and more practical; so what are you waiting for?

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Your Property Protected

We use a low pressure process to avoid damaging plants and property.

5-Star Reputation

Over 130 5-star reviews on Google ensure our quality and care.

We Care

We always take extra time to ensure a job is done well and done safely.

Rinse & Cover

Exterior outlets are covered and landscaping is always rinsed.


We invest in training that other contractors just don't have.

Safe & Protected

Safety is #1. All professionals are trained with safety first.

If you wait too long to service your roof, the damage can be quite costly.

When bacteria and other hazardous substances sit on your roof, they take a gradual toll. The condition of your roof weakens and decays, which can lead to serious issues like leaks or floods. Roof repairs, or replacing the entire roof, are very expensive operations that you can avoid by performing routine cleaning and maintenance on your roof.

Dirty roofs are also unsightly and can decrease your property value. They look worn out and can give off a perception that you do not care about the condition of your home. Change that narrative to a positive one and get your roof cleaned by the best in the business.

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