Why is October Not a Good Time to Sealcoat?

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A nice driveway is what every homeowner loves to have as a welcoming to their home. It is the compliment that many may not notice right away, but the welcome that tells guests to come back. Once your driveway is cleaned and the thin layer of seal coating is put on it, the wonder of when to apply the seal coating may come to mind. You may also wonder if applying seal coating will hurt your concrete if there is not a specific time on when to do it, but there should be an understanding of why seal coating is needed and why knowing when to put it down is important. 

What is the Purpose of Seal Coating?

Once the beauty of your driveway is restored after a good thorough cleaning, it needs to have the reassurance of being protected from damage and other elements. Having your driveway seal coated helps with keeping your concrete stronger and intact longer. Seal coating your driveway not only protects it from damage but also from UV rays, rain and snow, and fluids from vehicles. The seal coating process helps with extending the life of your concrete and keeping the beauty of it from fading.

When Should Seal Coating Be Applied?

Keeping your driveway intact is a major priority and knowing when to apply the protective layer of seal coating helps with extending the life of your driveway. Seal coating should never be applied during the rainy season. For example, October is the beginning of the rainy season, so applying seal coating during this month may create a major problem. However, if you do decide to apply seal coating to your hard surface, it will need to be reapplied again at the same time next year or you will be at risk of having an unsafe driveway all winter long. Seal coating in October can also destroy your lawn if it rains too much before it dries. 

If you are planning on having your driveway seal coated, it is best to do it in the dry months between November and April. 

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