Why Does Sludge Keep Building Up in My Gutters?

Is there something brown, green, and gooey lurking in your gutters? If so, this disgusting goo is better known as sludge. Accumulating when fine organic material moves into your gutters, sludge grows throughout the year and can be particularly huge in the fall. If sludge is ignored for too long, eventually this disgusting goo will begin to affect the efficiency of your gutters.

How Does Sludge Build Up?

While many homeowners and business owners may notice debris once their gutters start to overflow, sludge will usually stick to the inside of your gutters and is made up of algae, small pieces of moss, and even roofing material that may move from your roof. Being that sludge is hard to clean from gutters because of how fine it is, the thick mass can become nearly impossible to clean over a series of months if not properly cared for. 

Will a Good Gutter Cleaning Help?

Gutter cleaning doesn’t just involve cleaning out the debris. It also involves a process that removes sludge and can be relatively successful if done properly. It is best to clean out your gutters during the spring and fall seasons regularly. However, only cleaning out the leaves will not remove the sludge and may lead to you having to clean out your gutter system again sooner than expected. Another way to guarantee that the sludge in your gutters is cleaned out thoroughly is by hiring a professional. Professionals have the right cleaning equipment and soaps to make sure your gutters are cleaned successfully.

Conquer Sludge With A Gutter Cover

If you are hoping to reduce the buildup of sludge in your gutters, one of the best ways to do it is by installing a gutter cover. Gutter covers catch debris and water and keep sludge from building up. The inside of your gutters will also be protected with a gutter cover because the build-up of sludge is reduced. In addition, the worry of leaves and other debris clogging up your gutters and creating more sludge will disappear.

Don’t let sludge continue to be a disgusting gooey problem. Clean out the debris and built-up sludge and restore the efficient functioning of your gutter system.