When Should I Pressure Wash?

The look of your home is a representation of you and the way it looks determines what the first impression will be by others. A clean exterior gives a welcoming and inviting feeling, while dirt, grime, and mold, can make your home look old and uncared for. However, many homeowners, fall behind in caring for their homes because they are unaware of when it is appropriate to clean them.

Multi-Colored Roof?

If your roof has black streaks or stains on it, then it is time for a soft wash. Without a regular roof wash, the dirt and bacteria will only become more unsightly and the structure of your home will eventually become more at risk of being damaged. In addition, soft washing your roof will eliminate the dirt and mold that has made a home on it. You will also be relieved of the embarrassment.

Don’t Let the Utility Bills Go Up

Dirt can play a major part in the change in your utility bills. If you have noticed an increase in your bills, the dirt on the exterior of your home could be the reason why. Along with dirt, mold, and grime being a major eyesore, you may have to pay more money for the extra work your HVAC system is doing to keep the temperature in your home maintained. Unfortunately, without a regularly cleaned exterior, the utility bills in your home may cost more than usual.

Mold and Mildew

While the obvious signs of dirt can be enough for a soft wash, mold and mildew are also something to worry about when it is time to wash your home. Black mold can be particularly dangerous once it starts to grow and without the experience on how to properly clean it off, you may be putting your home and yourself at risk. It is best to let a house washing professional step in and get rid of the mold and mildew that is invading your space.

Painting or Selling

If you plan on painting or selling your home, pressure washing your exterior is a good start. Taking the time out to have your home soft-washed before it is painted will help to remove the dirt and any old chipped paint. In return, the glamour and curb appeal of your home will return and it will be ready for the new potential homebuyer.

Keeping your exterior clean is a challenge but the effort and work will always keep your home looking amazing. 

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