What Should I Get Rid of When Cleaning Out My Garage?

Over the years your garage has been a hub for everything from toys to paint. Unfortunately, leaving these things in your garage can lead to one big clutter that can make it hard to safely walk around. In addition, some homeowners may find it hard to get rid of old things that have sat in their garage for years. However, the clutter may soon become too much to bear if you are unsure what you want to get rid of.

All Trash Must Go

It is common to come across items that should have been in your trash can but never quite made it there. Now it is time to throw away those old items that should have been in the trash years ago and restore your garage to cleanliness. Once the trash is gone, you also don’t have to worry about small rodents or insects making your garage home. 

Remove Old Paint

While the garage may seem like a convenient place to put old paint, it can actually decrease the shelf life of your paint. Extreme heat and cold temperatures can alter the paint formulas, eventually making it unusable. However, if you are planning to use your paint again, it must be stored properly in a climate-controlled area. This area will allow you to use your paint for any future projects. Removing the paint from your garage will also bring relief from the cans being out of the way.

Get Rid of the Old Home Decorations

Do you have boxes of home decorations past their prime? If you do, it is time to get rid of them. Like many things, old decorations will wear out their use. And with old age comes the eyesore of looking at them. This is why once you clean out your garage, these old and out-of-date decorations should go in the trash, especially if you have no plans on using them again.

Dispose of the Expired Chemicals

It is common for old fertilizers, bug spray, anti-freeze, and other chemicals to be stored in the garage but they will eventually become nothing but one big clutter. So, taking the opportunity to dispose of them properly will help clear out any old or expired chemicals. However, it is best to look at resources on how to properly dispose of them. 

Throw Out the Old Grungy Shoes

While there is nothing wrong with having an old pair of shoes for yard work or any other type of home exterior work, grungy shoes should never clutter up your garage. If you have an excessiveness of shoes, it is time to throw them out or give them away. Your old shoes will only continue to be in the way when walking around or trying to work in your garage.

Stop Storing the “I Might Need it Someday” Items

Every garage has them; the items that were stored in case they would be needed again. Unfortunately, these items can eventually become the overlooked items that should have been thrown away years ago. If you have items like these, either throwing them out or giving them away would be best. Overlooking items that have only been used a couple of times is the clutter that can take up space and stay in your garage for a very long time. So, get rid of those unused items and clear out the space.

Don’t let your garage continue to be a messy eyesore. Get rid of the boxes, trash, old chemicals, and unused items to create the space you need.

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