6 Tips on Keeping Your Concrete Maintained

Having great and healthy concrete is an investment and keeping it protected and clean is important. With outdoor elements, cars, and foot traffic bringing dirt, oil, and stains, it can be hard keeping your hardscape maintained. Proper washing and sealing will provide your hardscape with long-lasting life for years to come. However, there are other ways to make sure, your concrete stays maintained.

Check For Cracks

One way to make sure your concrete stays clean and healthy is by checking for cracks. Cracked foundation walls, floors, and slabs can all lead to bigger issues if left neglected and while some small cracks can be fixed if there is a crack the size of a nickel, it is time to call in a professional. Fixing the cracks before they start to become a major problem will save you the headache of having to spend an extreme amount of money down the road.

Know Your Environment

With extreme weather taking a toll on your concrete all year long, you should know how it is being affected. Once the winter and spring are over, the snow run-off and spring rain can cause damage to your concrete if the water sits for too long. However, if your concrete is sloped, water damage to the surface and foundation will be prevented.

Manage Plant Growth

Plant growth can disrupt the healthiness of your concrete, so making sure there are no weeds growing out of control is a must. Once weeds start to grow between the cracks of your concrete, it is a matter of time before the cracks become wider and more noticeable. To avoid having to pay an extreme amount of money to fix your concrete, it is best to keep the cracks filled and if necessary put an environmentally friendly weedkiller down. 

Invest in an Overhead Cover

Keeping your hardscape protected from outside elements can be a challenge but with the investment of an overhead cover, your worries will disappear. A pergola or another cover will help keep the weather from causing deterioration of your concrete. With a new cover, you will also save money along with having a nice beautiful cover to make your home stand out.

Use A Sealer

If you enjoy taking in the fresh air in your outdoor living space, then using a sealer for your concrete will help avoid corrosion while preserving the healthy look of your hardscape. After applying the sealer, you may also notice a shine, making your home more appealing. Once the shine disappears, this means it is time to reapply the sealer. 

Know Your Concrete

While basic care for all types of concrete is required, some concrete may require a little extra attention. Stamped concrete is one type of hardscape that will require extra care because of the decoration. You should also know if your concrete is made from natural or artificial stone. Knowing your concrete will help you with knowing how to care for it and if you need a professional to help.

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