Brick Paver Sealing

Licensed and Insured Palm Beach County pressure washing , House washing and Roof cleaning Open 24 hours

Nothing is better than a clean surface other than sealing it. This process protects the Brick Pavers from the elements leaving a cleaner , safer, slip resistant finish in a natural or glossy sheen. Which will leave a bright clean look for years.

It takes just a few years for mould, grime and pollution to create an ugly build up on the exterior of your property. As well as looking unsightly, accumulated filth can accelerate the rate at which the paint on the exterior of the house decays. Oleyn’s Pressure Washing LLC has developed a technique to remove this plaque like build up which eliminates the use of high pressure around your home and does not damage paintwork.

We apply detergents using a specially designed foam gun then brush the surface to breakdown stubborn dirt and stains then rinse resulting in fresh clean paintwork. The detergent used is biodegradable as well as non-toxic so it will not harm plants or animals.

We do take every precaution for leaky doors and windows by taping them up where possible, we also offer towels for the bottoms of doors and windows.

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