5 Essential Maintenance Tips For New Homeowners

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Did you just buy your home? A new home can be a new start for you and your family, but it is also a major priority to make sure it is well maintained. If something breaks or is not inspected thoroughly before the move, you and your family could find yourself in a big delay with moving. So, to avoid being inconvenienced, it is important to address the essential maintenance responsibilities before or right after you move in.

Keep An Eye On the Drains And Plumbing

Once you move into your new home, keeping an eye on your drains and plumbing is important. Plumbing issues tend to become a major problem at the most inopportune time and sadly enough, a lot of times these issues happen right after the new homeowners move in. If you do encounter an issue with your plumbing or draining, you should not put it off for later. Contact a professional immediately to avoid thousands of dollars in repairs.

Check Your Roof and Gutter

While the beauty and exterior of your home may be intriguing, checking the roof and gutter for damage is paramount to making sure your home is safe. If it has not already happened, hiring a professional to clean your roof and gutter is something that should definitely be done either before you move in or immediately after you move in. An unclean roof can break down the shingles of your home and an overflowing gutter can affect the drainage and foundation of your home.

Drain and Flush Your Water Heater

After moving into your new home, checking the water heater is a must. Oftentimes many homeowners overlook checking the water heater because it is a feature in the house that is not usually noticeable. Water heaters are supposed to be drained and flushed once a year. However, if it is not drained or flushed, you risk the chance of it having sediment buildup and other problems down the road. 

Check Your Attic or Crawlspace

When moving in, it is easy to forget about the attic or the crawlspace, but it is important to check these spaces to make sure that everything is functioning properly throughout the home. If either of these spaces have water or air leaks, your home is at risk of mold growth. Checking your attic will also help with knowing if you have pest infestation. Catching these issues early after moving in, will allow you to hire a professional to take care of them.

Change Your HVAC Filters For Better Airflow

Making sure your air filters are changed after you and your family move into your home is another priority on your maintenance checklist. Changing your air filters not only provides better air quality but also prolongs the life of your A/C unit. In addition, your air conditioning unit will not have to overwork itself with new air filters.

Moving into a home is a lot of work, but after ensuring that you and your family are safe and comfortable with the maintenance checks around your home, you will have peace of mind.

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