Let Your Dad Put His Feet Up For Father’s Day

Is your dad always busy or on the go? Has his yard or other areas of his home’s exterior become unkempt? Then why not let your dad put his feet up and get his exterior together for him. Whether cleaning his gutters or painting the exterior, your dad deserves to have a day to relax. Clean home exterior care will help ease his mind as well as give him a weekend for other activities.

Clean the Gutters

If you have experience using a ladder and are no stranger to cleaning out gutters, then cleaning out your dad’s gutters will relieve the stress of him having to do it himself. Cleaning out the gutters will also remove any overflowing debris and dirt along with removing the tree seed growth that may have started to happen. 

Paint the Exterior

A new coat of paint may be what is needed to make your dad’s house feel like a home and if it has been a while since the exterior of his home has been painted, a new coat of paint may be what will bring an adoring smile to his face as well as improve the curb appeal. To make it a fun family project, help your dad pick out the new color.

Organize and Clean the Shed

With all of the projects, your dad may do in his downtime, his unorganized shed may make it hard for him to find things when he really needs them. So, take the time to clean it out and give your dad his time back on finding things. He will appreciate it and may even help him decide what needs to be thrown away.

Pressure Wash the Concrete

While it may be a chore that is difficult to do, pressure washing your dad’s concrete will help avoid any slip or fall injuries and help maintain the curb appeal of his home. However, if you are not experienced with using a pressure washer, it may be best to hire a professional for your dad and let them restore his concrete to its original perfect state.

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