How Do I Declutter My Junky Backyard?

Have you been thinking about decluttering your backyard, but don’t know where to start? Over time your backyard may have become the area where all of the old or unwanted stuff has gone. You may have even put things in your yard that you planned on using but somehow forgot it was there. If your yard has become storage for all these things, it is time to clear it out and bring your outdoor living space to life.

Clear Out the Big Stuff

The first and most noticeable things that have taken up all of the space in your backyard are the things that should go first. So, if you are no longer using the old patio set or any other large items in your backyard, they should be thrown out or donated. If you are undecided about what should go, maybe ask yourself when it was last used and make a decision from there. Once you decide what will go, deciding if these items will be donated, thrown away, or recycled will be next on the checklist. That is unless you want to host a yard sale. A yard sale will not only help with clearing out your yard for more space but also give you a little extra spending money. 

Get Rid of the Small Useless Stuff

With the big stuff being cleared out, now it is time to focus on the smaller items that have become a nuisance in your yard. Without organization, these tedious items will make your yard look trashed. However, with a good plan and a way to clear the items out, you will not have to worry about your yard being overwhelmed with small useless stuff. Starting a pile for certain items will also help you determine what should be done with them. 

Add New Storage Pieces

If you plan on spending more time in your outdoor living space, making sure your yard is clear of junk and clutter is the way to go. Adding a hose hangar or making more room under your deck will give you more storage to store stuff that you don’t want to get rid of. There are also other ways of making sure that the items lying around in your backyard, do not continue to be a nuisance. Stacking your firewood or making an area for pool towels are other great ways of eliminating clutter in your yard.

If you want to make more space in your backyard to spend time with friends and family, getting rid of the junk will start you off on the right track. Afterward, all of the stuff cleared from your yard will bring your vision of having a nice place to entertain friends and family to life.