4 Best Ways to Prevent Weed Growth Between Pavers

Professional Paver Cleaning

Admiring the beauty of your pavers is a site to take in. They compliment your home and welcome guests during get togethers with their unique beauty. Pavers give your home the elegance and integrity that captures the curb appeal of the neighborhood, but once weeds begin to grow between them, their beauty fades. However, there are ways to prevent weeds from taking over the beauty and health of your pavers.

Sweep Regularly

Sweeping and cleaning your pavers regularly will slow down and stop the growth of weeds between them. Before weeds begin to grow, the seeds settle between the pavers, making it easy for them to grow out. Sweeping your pavers will disrupt the growth and keep those pesky ugly weeds from making a home between your pavers.

Pressure Wash Your Pavers To Rid the Weeds

If you need your pavers cleaned, having them professionally pressure washed will remove the dirt as well as the weeds and seeds. A professional cleaning will not only remove the dirt from the pavers and get rid of the leaves, but also make your pavers look brand new again. After having your pavers pressure washed, guests will love coming to visit and the beauty of your home will continue to be maintained.

Get Rid of the Weeds With Boiling Water

Another natural and cheap way to get rid of weeds is by boiling water. Using boiling water on your pavers to remove weeds will even help with killing seeds and roots. This way of getting rid of weeds and their seeds is better than using vinegar. If you choose this method of getting rid of your weeds, make sure to pour the boiling water directly on them.

Kill the Weeds With Salt

One of the most effective ways to get rid of weeds is by sprinkling salt between the cracks of pavers. This method will help prevent the future growth of weeds. However, if you choose this method make sure you don’t get any salt on your pavers. Salt can easily damage your pavers if they come into contact with it.