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An Oleyn's service technician washing a concrete walkway
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Pool deck and enclosure cleaning takes some knowledge and experience. Most surfaces in your pool area can be cleaned with low pressure, and your pool cage should only be cleaned with low pressure. 

Chances are your pool area sees a lot of action over the summer months, so pool deck and enclosure cleaning only makes sense. Your pool area is a damp and humid area, that can be a home to algae, mold and mildew. This is not only unsightly it can be bad for your health. Driveways plus can safely remove these unsightly and harmful contaminates from your pool area, leaving it clean and bright without the green and black algae, mold and mildew that grows during the year. No more green pool screens or algae between the paver bricks.

A filthy pool area with black streaks everywhere, and the same pool area after being washed

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Whether your deck is wood, vinyl, or something else, we are prepared to service it with the best soft washing techniques in Palm Beach County.

Your deck, fence and wooden surfaces can really impact your property value if they are professionally taken care of. Our low pressure process makes sure no damage is sustained, and still gives you the best results imaginable.

Wood cleaning and restoration prevents early decay and can make your deck safer to walk on. We want to keep all of your wooden structures looking beautiful and fully operational. 


Before and after images of a white fence that had rust removal performed by Oleyn's
An old decaying fence and the results after being professionally washed and stained

Over time, moisture and weather conditions will wear down your wooden fence and deck. We’re here to help!

When you have your wooden structures serviced with Oleyn’s, we restore your wood to a healthier state. Our soft washing process ensures that no damage occurs while we wash your deck or fence. It is also an effective means to restore natural color to your property.

Safe cleaning procedures can significantly strengthen your wood and vinyl. When moisture and bacteria are removed from your fence and deck, it improves their durability as well.

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Your Property Protected

We use a low pressure process to avoid damaging plants and property.

5-Star Reputation

Over 130 5-star reviews on Google ensure our quality and care.

We Care

We always take extra time to ensure a job is done well and done safely.

Rinse & Cover

Exterior outlets are covered and landscaping is always rinsed.


We invest in training that other contractors just don't have.

Safe & Protected

Safety is #1. All professionals are trained with safety first.

It is impossible to avoid hazardous elements and bacteria from coming into contact with you property. How you respond is up to you.

Your deck will get hit with wind, rain, dirt, grime and anything else Mother Nature can think of. It will also be exposed to impact from people, a grill, some chairs and anything else you put on it. If you do not respond and have your deck cleaned, this can lead to rot and even a collapse in some extreme circumstances.

Wood that is dirty and wet decays faster. It dulls in color and becomes more likely to break or loosen. Some surface areas may begin to creak or splinter too. You do not want to walk on a deck that is unsafe, so give us a call to clean yours today.

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