A Happier Home For American Heroes

Justin and Kristie Ziegler

We at Oleyn’s Pressure Washing are honored to serve our military veterans with all of their exterior home improvement needs. We were especially honored to provide services to Justin and Kristie Ziegler, childhood sweethearts, and air force veterans. The veteran couple may have faced challenges and trauma that changed their lives but their home needed to meet perfection for the comfort and ease of their family. This is why Oleyn’s Pressure Washing felt honored to help create a happier and healthier home for the couple and their children with our roof cleaning, house washing, pool patio cleaning, and driveway cleaning services. Fortunately, our pressure washing professionals were able to be a part of the 30th anniversary of Military Makeover and to bring satisfaction and admiration to the home of the Zieglers.

The Zieglers, who were stationed at Travis Air Force Base together, discovered their love and passion for helping others, with Justin Ziegler being a fire protection technician and Kristie Ziegler not only rising quickly to become a dietary technician but also providing wound care treatment to soldiers and civilians in Afghanistan. While the young married couple helped save lives, the traumatic and often stressful events left them with PTSD, a disorder that has been known to affect many military service members. Along with the challenge of having to save lives and care for the wounded every day, the young sweethearts found a challenge in being separated for long periods of time because of deployments. However, the couple has continued to be a strong support system for each other and their family. Because of this, we found great pride and honor in helping two American heroes that served our country proudly. We are also proud that we were able to help them continue to bring comfort to their home. Thank you for your service Ziegler family.

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